Air Freight

Intrans Asia Logistics provides a comprehensive menu of air freight and logistics solutions to customers throughout the globe. With airfreight being an expensive mode of transportation, we design cost-effective air freight and logistics solutions that save your money and meet your requirements at the same time.

Our Expertise:

General, Special, Express and Intermodal airfreight solutions
'Door to door', 'door to airport', 'airport to door' and 'airport to airport' services
We offer airfreight consolidation service, such a service saves the customer extra costs
Direct-to-consignee (DTC) services
Pre-space booking for fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat on leading carriers
Multimodal Transshipment Service, `Air to Sea`, `Sea to Air` and `Air to land` services. Through this facility, we interlink different modes of transport to create an integrated transport chain to ensure efficient and timely delivery of your consignment
Delivery of perishables, hazardous or any other goods that need to be delivered within a specified time frame
Transportation of sensitive shipments requiring temperature control systems/high security

Our Services
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